Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Marshall's Burger

On my fifth day of stalking Larry Stylinson (it made me happy) I started dating myself (because there's really no reason not to: I'm free and have a car and amuse myself well) and finally went out to try the new place in town: Marshall's Burger. It seems that everyone's talking about it, and I keep overhearing conversations about it even when sitting in cafes just trying to finish my spaghetti.

My first impression of the place was that it was super crowded and tiny and loud. There's almost no space between chairs, and you have to squeeze through sitting diners in order to get to the counter. And the menu was all over the walls which was rather confusing if you've reached the counter and the cashiers are looking at you expectantly. I ordered a Classic Beef Burger with cheddar cheese because it was the first decent thing I read. Upon later studying I found a chicken burger called The Cock which is stupid. Saying it out loud would be awkward: "Uh..I want a The Cock please, with some french fries."

Having placed my order at 7:44PM I went to sit by the wall on a bar stool. It wasn't that comfortable as we were all so crammed together. I thought I would make social interaction but in the end the only social interaction I got was with the cashier who very nearly hit me with a mineral bottle cleaning up the table.

At 8.15PM I received my burger. I admit my timing was bad; I visited the burger shop at its peak hour.

For RM8.90 (no tax or service charge), the burger was OK. I don't really eat burgers aside from McDonald's burgers and the roadside Ramlee burgers, so a burger is a burger to me. The beef burger was definitely better than McDonald's one though. I'm sorry but that's the only comparison I can make. It's juicier, the beef patty is about 1 inch thick and beefy and flavourful, the onions add crunchiness to the bite, plus there was this sweet red-coloured sauce which I guess is probably a homemade ketchup, which was the best part of the whole burger. I think I was hungry after 30 minutes of waiting in self-induced social anxiety but the burger was too small!! I finished it in about 10 or 15 minutes and was quite sad that it did so quickly.

hurrah for my first cafe review/ mini date blogpost! Despite being worried about people beating me up for taking their pictures I'm glad I survived my first date with my NIKON D5100 YES I GOT A DSLR I'M SO HAPPY ASDFGHJKL I HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THE END OF THIS BLOGPOST TO ANNOUNCE IT DON'T WORRY MY LOVE YOU'LL GET A SPECIAL BLOG POST SOON!!

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