Friday, July 26, 2013

Blind date then rave


I finally did something cool: I was vice president for the organizing committee of this sick event called Blind Speed Dating + Rave Party. After several messed up shit that happened in the days leading to the event I was just consumed with worry and wondering if I will end up crying in the back alley during the event about how shitty it is.

But no the event was just awesomesauce. Blind speed dating went brilliantly, ridiculously so that I was skipping around the place. I am not allowed to post pictures here for the sake of privacy, but imagine a roomful of 60 blindfolded participants, with the females facing the males and inclining their heads really close to each other to hear what the other is saying in the midst of senseless chatter. We had some trouble getting the numbers to be even because there was a shortage of guys but we sorted it out by pulling in random guys. We had to start the game or the earlier blindfolded participants would start twitching and grow impatient and leave and that would make the event the worst flop ever. So when the game started it was epic to watch the idea in your head actually unfold in real life, not only perfectly but exceedingly so, with my teammates working very hard to make it happen, and I felt so proud and happy and I couldn't stay in the room without laughing with joy or patting participants' fluffy hairs.

When speed dating was over there was really nothing else for me to do, because the Rave Party mostly was in the domain of my president. I popped on some glow sticks and headed into the room and unleashed my happiness in the form of a series of jumps that was more like an exercise routine than a club dance step. Then I grew slightly bored and sleepy because it was past typical bedtime and this morning I had attended a full day of class and even did some titration in the chemistry laboratory but I was still pumped up by the giddy disbelief of the events unfolding right before me. In the rave room when the strobes were on and everyone looked like they were frozen every half a second I experienced a discomforting disconnect from everything around me. It was those "everything around you is not real" and "only you exist" feelings that are terrible to get when you're trying to participate. At some point in the middle of bodies in motion, I felt like a child in a bizarrely adult world. Then I remembered that I was the fucking organizer.

The party finally ended at about 10.30pm, thank goodness because my energy level was dangerously low since free food given out during other people's unrelated events is completely insubstantial to last as both lunch and dinner. Our team and some other party people cleared the place up and in no time at all the room looked like it had always been a classroom and never contained loud thumping music and sick lights and a bunch of teenagers raving their heads off.

It was just sick. I would do it all over again.

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