Friday, July 12, 2013

In Sulks

I've barely completed my fourth day in college and I've already been insulted twice in the span of three days. Cool. The worst part about it is probably because the insulter did not mean it as an insult, but rather, a casual statement, which on second thought, turns out to be even more insulting. Second day of college and I was called uncivilized. To be quite precise, I sound and act even more uncivilized. You see, in college, although we stick to the same classmates for all four subjects, we don't stay in the same classes. We move around after each period, so you have to be quick if you want to get a good seat that does not require you to be at the front line of the assault of saliva, or by the walls with a stiff-neck guarantee, or at the back with everything toned down to a lullaby. In the first days I was anxious to get my favourite seat at the second row that navigates around these criteria rather nicely, so I was very early to class.

It sometimes happens though, that a class might still be occupied so even if you're early you still have to wait. And so that was what happened, I waited, until their lesson was over and the door opened and a stream of humans poured out. The tables were at an unfortunate placement; the aisle was blocked squarely by the door with people. With so many people coming in, my strategic battle location was in jeopardy. Quite naturally, I climbed over the tables which blocked my path and managed to secure my base. Unexpectedly I saw the math teacher was already in front of the class, next to the side door which I obviously missed. And then, I received my first ever insult in my short college life: You looked uncivilized. Not by the teacher though, he carried on as though he's seen it all and more before. And he probably has. At least he wasn't claiming superiority.

Fast forward two days later, today, and I was feeling quite good about going to school today. I didn't lock my room with my keys still inside (that was two days ago), remembered my wallet while already in the elevator (three or four days ago), or missed the bus and had to walk across the streets to school (two days ago). It was a good start. I had friends to sit next to and a cardigan to wear. I was getting comfortable with school and lessons. I had a student ambassador meeting later during the day. I wore my floral blouse reserved for respectable events that required a nice blouse to show how civilized you are. A new guy had transferred into our class today, and since I was feeling nice today, I talked to him. Maybe it was the question I asked: "Why did you only register today? You're the new student right?"

And BAM! my second insult came packaged in innocence and sheer honesty. Are you a teacher? What? I AM NOT A TEACHER. IS IT THIS CARDIGAN AND BLOUSE? I took off my cardigan and thought about not speaking to the new guy again, and then I found out he was from the Maldives so I forgave him because once I had wanted to go to the Maldives. We didn't have a great start. But it was all right after that.

I'm seriously thinking of dressing up rocker chic next week.

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