Friday, September 6, 2013

a twitching eyelid and insatiable hunger

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This whole week felt like an extended chill-out session spent with good company, with abundant free periods and snacking in our bunker classrooms, messing around with the projector to project Youtube videos onto the screen, loud music in the small room like our own private lounge, with intermittent lessons to remind us that we're still in school.

I feel like I'm not going to do much besides this: take the morning bus to school, go to class and have my daily dose of laughter, anticipating innuendos becoming second nature already. It's so easy to be content with all this mindless fun, no expectations and no pressure. I'm in a good place, but I'm getting too comfortable, I'm slipping into a routine, and I'm sure that is not a good thing. But for now I don't want to resist it; I want to think that I deserve to be here. For now I want to think that it's all right to stay for a while.

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