Wednesday, September 18, 2013

an electronic cry : a post in real time

I'm in class right now. I was so close to skipping this last class of the day to go to Burger King. The friends I had weren't exactly helpingmy cause either; Taliza was dragging me in the direction of the Pyramid with everyone else crowded around behind, blocking the way to class. It was so easy to just go ahead and never look back. But perseverance pulled through, even in the face of the bro card.

I'm trying to keep a balance between maintaining eye contact and looking interested and typing this blogpost. It's a fine but tricky skill to master. I'm sitting alone and Michelle is front of me. She seems hunched over something; I think she might be writing a blogpost as well. It's a silly blogging dare we have between us.

I'm thinking of photoshoots. The one coming up this Friday for a campaign poster and another portrait session that I had to give up recently. I was scheduled to have a scorpion portrait shoot. I even brought my umbrella, light stand and reflector from home for this purpose. Then during the bus ride back here I got a phone call from my scorpion friend, saying his heterometrus spinifer is dead. Next day, met him for lunch, asked if we could continue with the carcass. Turns out it was killed during the mating process and only the tail is left. He brought a replacement: a harmless unimpressive praying mantis. We put him on our faces to visualize the effect on a portrait but it was quite pathetic. He kept crawling to our heads and wouldn't stay put.

Class is finishing soon. About half an hour to go. I've been alternating between listening, doing the paperwork and writing this.

I think I'm going to Pepper Lunch after this. Not sure if late lunch or early dinner. It doesn't matter. I want to eat.

It's cold. What time is it? Twenty minutes left. Michelle looks like she is still writing. So am I. I have given up being interested. I feel like an asshole.

Almost time.

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