Sunday, July 13, 2014

nicest kind of friday

Recently the wife of a cousin gave birth to a baby and it was cause for happiness for me because it meant that she wasn't going to be able to use her car for awhile. Which meant that recently I acquired a car temporarily.

Also, recently I had a very bad craving for pudding that started last Sunday after viewing Michelle's pictures of the creme caramel she had in Ipoh. Me and Karu looked all over school for pudding but found none. Using the car to its full advantage, I drove us out in search of pudding in Tong Shui shops but couldn't find any. Eventually Taliza bought three boxes of creme caramel mix and a raspberry jelly mix and a mango pudding mix.

On Friday we packed our luggages, camera, lighting equipment and a katana into my tiny car. It was so crammed Karu, Taliza and Michelle probably didn't have much space to sit in. Even so I thought it was still a very pleasant long drive to Mont Kiara where we were to do a photoshoot. When the shoot was over we drove to Damansara to find Taliza's mum who brought us to dinner in an Italian restaurant. By then the fatique of the long day had set in and Karu looked so stoned before his pasta that we were quite worried (also amused) about him.

After an art lesson with Taliza's mum, Karu left; he unfortunately missed out on our midnight pudding-making session despite having craved pudding for almost a week like me. Despite being really tired we managed to whip up a whole refrigerator-tier's worth of mango pudding, raspberry jelly and creme caramel. Then we passed out on the bed.

The next day we were supposed to do another photoshoot in FRIM, but we couldn't manage to find the right outfit. We ate pudding and stayed in Taliza's room instead. I had more time to admire her shower.

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