Thursday, August 1, 2013

the sun shines on you

I didn't think I would have time for this in college, but ta-dah! When I don't have to sleep 10 hours a day I actually have time for productive stuff like this. Me and my roommate in her so-called purity dress went around the common grounds of our apartment taking so-called purity shots.


The place where we took this shot was an exercise grassland right in the middle of the apartment surrounded by other students bored in their rooms and if they looked out they could easily see us two girls prancing around, one in a white dress and another in pajama shorts and an elephant bag. And I would agree that watching two people taking photos from your window is much more interesting than whatever it is you're studying. Some people though, actually went to the extent of switching off their lights, drawing the curtains and watching from a hidden spot (nice try but we saw you).


Credits: Foo Huimin for patiently and enthusiastically agreeing to trudge all the way to shady car parks and dumpsters to try new shots (which didn't work out) on top of being stared at and nearly ruining her pristine white dress climbing window ledges to make my camera happy

On another note, I am going home in two days and tomorrow is dress-up day for our class and it was funny to see the boys being really excited about it and even posting their outfit options on the class page.

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