Friday, August 9, 2013

The Tree And I


Actually Mei Huey and I and a lot of trees to be more accurate.

Things I Learned Today
1. It is not wise to use a 50mm lens when your plan is to take wide angle shots without a wireless trigger (unless you are a sprinter and don't sweat unbecomingly)
2. It is not wise to carry your camera without secondary support (i.e. hang it around your neck or wrap it around your wrist) while balancing on your high-tops in the slippery areas of streams (I slipped and nearly fell backwards onto the rocks with my camera's life flashing before my eyes but it was saved)
3. It is not wise to climb on trees in a fine-knit jumper (the photo sometimes isn't worth it)
4. It is wise to try everything else

I picked these up from the floor where there were a dozen of them laid down neatly and mysteriously in a semi-circle. As I was taking my pick a little boy came running to the semi-circle trying to grab one and his father (I assume) stopped him, saying,"Don't touch the flowers! They belong to this miss here (me)!" and for some weird reason that makes me feel like the formidable flower fairy (best feeling evar).

Photo credits featuring yours truly: why who else mei huey of course

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