Sunday, August 18, 2013

Bojio Friday

There is this bojio trend going on in my class, 'bojio' in Hokkien meaning 'I wasn't invited!' in a half protesting half joking kind of way but it sounds a lot cooler in its original language. And I feel like this trend is going stale now but every few sentences or so I hear people going "bojio!"

Go to the toilet bojio!
Stand together bojio!
Do homework bojio!
Sleep in class bojio!
Take selfie bojio!

It kinda feels like my classmates have lost their ability to do anything if they're not invited to do it. So to avoid being a victim of the bojio accusation every single one of our classmates was invited to go on a burger lunch trip during lunch break. There were four cars and there were 22 of us which equals about a squeeze of about six people in each car (all Myvi's coincidentally). And then we drove to Crayon Burger in SS15 and filled up the burger shop so much so we even got fries on the house.


(Thoughts on the burger: MARSHALLS IN PENANG WAS WAY SUPERIOR IN TERMS OF PRICE AND YUMMINESS OK but company more than made up for it)


(The hermaphroditic stickpeople were not our creation but bojio is)


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