Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Shuffling Unicorns

Is there anyone out there??

Because I need your help.

I've been involved in this cancer awareness campaign project (CARIF- Be Frank) for so long that it feels like it has become a part of my curriculum. Our planning and fooling around and hard work for two months have finally reached its climax: The popularity contest on FaceBook.

It's funny that our first meeting in September was like me and KF fighting over whether or not I hated him for one brief moment when he rejected my membership in the bro club way back in July. Subsequently we had many, many other meetings which were more like hangouts and watching YouTube videos on the projector than actual brainstorming. Despite which we managed to come up with three posters and a video (the idea of which came in two days before the official deadline, and we decided to risk it and scrape everything we had done before to start anew, and luckily the deadline got postponed by a week afterwards).

Vote for them posters please?  [link goes to FaceBook]

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