Saturday, December 7, 2013

Urbanscapes Day 1

Urbanscapes Day 1

Two weeks ago I happened to run into an avalanche of good luck. For one, Taliza got us free tickets to Urbanscapes 2013.

It was arguably the best thing to happen all year as the good luck did not stop at just the tickets. When the four of us (Taliza, Michelle, Natasha and I) were dropped off at the Serdang Agrocultural Exhibition Park we found ourselves at the polar opposite of the main entrance. We couldn't enter from the back as we hadn't collected our tickets, and when we asked one of the roadies we were directed to navigate half the circumference of the area to get to the main entrance. After ten minutes of walking in the afternoon sun in what felt like the Botanical Gardens, we found a flight of stairs and we randomly decided to use them. We found ourselves nowhere closer to the entrance though, as we were still fenced out from Urbanscapes. Lost and sweating unbecomingly, we spotted a man with an Urbanscapes tag and chased him as he made his way to his car. We asked for directions again and the man confirmed that the main entrance was indeed a 'terribly long walk' away. He hesitated a little then OFFERED TO DRIVE US THERE and I just couldn't believe our luck all the way as he drove through more greenery up and down winding paths to drop us off as close to the main entrance as was physically possible. What a nice stranger.

So we got our tickets without further hassle and when we finally were inside Urbanscapes it was like all the people in Tumblr pictures that get reblogged a lot by hipster blogs have come alive and gathered in one place. People watching was like watching the Hipster Runway Show.

It was so hot that it felt like Sports Day though. We went for a very short tour around the marketplace area before pulling out our Daiso table mat and making camp in the shade of the tree with a giant ear attached to it and finishing our Econs homework.

DSC_0026 DSC_0049 DSC_0059 DSC_0070 DSC_0072DSC_0073 DSC_0082 DSC_0086 DSC_0087

Sitting in the shade watching all the Urbanscapers was inspiration for Natasha to change out of her cotton shirt and into the Daiso rain poncho. Because it was Urbanscapes and nothing you wore could get a second glance.


And then I spotted this girl (Kimberley) from where I was; her outfit was so awesome I had to go talk to her.


After a while we left, abandoning thoughts of completing our grass-stained homework, to watch L'alphalpha.

DSC_0122 DSC_0168

It was nearly evening then and Last Dinosaurs was scheduled to up in a bit. Natasha and I stayed behind to keep watch over the bags while Michelle and Taliza went off to buy our bus rides home. And then we saw a couple of girls fangirling over these two guys and taking pictures with them so we supposed they were famous people. But there is no Shazam for recognizing famous people so I went to ask one of the girls and she told me that they were the Last Dinosaurs! WHAT LUCK (although I actually haven't heard of them before)!!! Natasha got a picture with them and then I called Taliza and she ran all the way here but they had left by then.

She was pretty sad so we went for a walk to buy dinner. And as good luck had it, we bumped into them again. Actually I nearly ran over one of the dudes in asking for a picture for Taliza but he was the one who apologized.


After dinner in the dark it was the Last Dinosaurs! They were really good and so humble and got the crowd singing and dancing along. There was an overexcited girl diectly beside me who kept screaming all along and I nearly lost my hearing in my right that hour.

DSC_0201 DSC_0214 DSC_0253

When it was over we made our way to the Upfront Stage to catch Teagan and Sara. The show had started and the crowd was massive so Natasha and I stayed behind. It was so surreal lying on the grass looking at the reflections of the stage lights in the clouds with the band playing live and people dancing and smoking all around us.


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