Sunday, June 15, 2014


Triple A is overhyped. The guys in our gang bought their suits long ago, but I left the shopping to the last minute possible (got my outfit on the afternoon of the event which I highly discourage to avoid repeating my stressful shopping experience) because I couldn't decide whether I should go for the imaginary Best Dressed Female or Best Dressed Male Award.

The first hour of the event was probably the most fun. This was when our friends started appearing one by one looking super dapper. Afterwards though it was just sitting on the round table in unsurprising boredom waiting for the food to arrive, watching Karu draw a pig on his plate with soy sauce. After a while the other guests got pretty bored as well and started leaving the tables to take lots and lots and LOTS of pictures.

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The highlight must have been the dance party right after the last performance of the night. The DJs started playing rave music and the lights came on and the guests rushed to the front of the hall to dance. Our gang pushed forward and jumped around with everyone else for a bit, then I dared Ian to lead the dance party to the stage. We both ran onstage followed by our gang, caught up in the loud music and in-the-moment craze. I turned around, and saw the crowd rushing onstage. That felt pretty awesome.

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