Thursday, June 5, 2014


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I recently got the chance to photograph my friend-since-primary-school Ropaa. On the day of the shoot the weather was depressingly gloomy with a very high chance of a thunderstorm, and I nearly cancelled the shoot. In the end optimism prevailed and I went along with it, bringing along a raincoat and a huge umbrella and a ready mind for tons of improvisation. I dragged Mei Huey along to help hold some equipment. We arrived in Ropaa's apartment half an hour before the appointed time so she rushed down to join us and ended up having to do her makeup on the beach using her phone as the mirror. We drove along the winding roads of Batu Ferringhi in search of a clean rocky beach without too many annoying tourists. Our search brought us to the other side of the island in Teluk Bahang where we got a rocky part of the beach all to ourselves. Luckily the weather was clear through the two-hour shoot even though there was a slight drizzle in the middle.

It was fun catching up while shooting and laughing with Ropaa's trying-too-hard-and-ending-up-looking-like-a-pedo poses (her words not mine). I really have to thank Mei Huey for patiently and unwaveringly holding up the reflector, and Ropaa for posing for two hours non-stop. I think we made quite the team and we had a nice dinner at a pretentious cafe afterwards.

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